About us

Getting beaten is excusable, getting caught is unforgivable

VigiliactPronounces by Napoleon 1st, this aphorism have survived for centuries to recall us the imperious necessity of having a reliable and updated information at any moment.

That's to meet this requirement that VigiliAct have seen the light of day in February 2013. The company creation is the result of Eric Ruffié's experience, the founder, in business intelligence and economic intelligence, and more generally in the internet field.

Public administrator, international group, innovating small and medium-size business, NGO, as many structure where the founder of VigiliAct could have practised its job, tested and improve continuously its skills in his field of expertise but also learn to know the informational needs proper to each structures.


This knowledge of different actors that allows a territory to live encouraged Eric Ruffié to create its own company and offer them its services.

VigiliAct's offer is divided in such a way as to allow an optimal support of our customers all along their activities development. The support we offer them is ranging from information supply (unprocessed or elaborated) to the creation of complete study report and including advice to maximize their web presence and support to their business developments.

Expertise and flexibility, two assets that allow VigiliAct to be close to its customers and their needs.