Economic intelligence can be defined as the coordinated research, processing and distribution for exploitation purposes of information useful to economic operators.

That was the definition of economic intelligence given in the Martre’s report, a collective work of the Plan Commission entitled "Intelligence Economique et Stratégie des Entreprises" (La Documentation Française, Paris, 1994).

20 years later, this definition doesn't have edged at all. Having the use of information but also distributing the good information at the right time is essential within the international situation that we know. It's always hard to be a length ahead of competition. In this situation of overabundance of information and sources of information, each organizations, public or private, whatever its size or its resources, has to be well up on this continuous information flow.

VigiliAct has seen the light of day in order to help its customers to comply with this primary issue. VigiliAct develops its service offer around economic and business intelligence, social networks and web positioning, but also business development, especially at European level.