Economic and business intelligence

At VigiliAct, we don't offer services with a platform or a tool that we would have created. We take it as axiomatic that the web already allow a fine screening of search results, and that the way to highlight the useful information can only be done by a specialist and not by a tool. VigiliAct offers its customer a complete range of economic and business intelligence services. These services are divided in three main lines, that can of course be combined:

  • Newsletters:

VigiliAct offers the creation of customized Newsletters on the thematic that you want. In order to make easier their appropriation, these newsletters are customized with your colours and your own corporate identity. Depending on the volume of available information and your needs, these newsletters can be sent monthly, bi-monthly or weekly. Languages covered in these newsletters are French and English. Gathering from 20 to 50 pages, our newsletters are sorted to take into account your centres of interests and gather news from daily newspapers (regional and national) but also and particularly from specialised websites. Variations of these newsletters are possible (daily mail or one-time information search for example), do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

  • Business intelligence reports:

VigiliAct provides you with customised study, for you own specific needs. We don't offer our customers some ready-made studies, but reports specifically created to comply with their questions and their informal needs. You wish:

  • to learn more about a market
  • to know the commercial viability of your field
  • to know the latest developments of a given section

Developed from internet searches, participation to meetings, exhibitions and specialised seminars but also interviews of specialists, these reports offer our clients a complete and as exact as possible information. The planning of iterations between the purchaser and VigiliAct allows our reports to monitor the development of informal needs of our customers. Do not hesitate, our business intelligence reports are made for you.

  • Advice and training

VigiliAct offers to support you in the establishment of your own business intelligence system or within the framework of the creation or the reworking of the document process. You only have to define your needs, and we do the rest. Likewise, owing to its experience in the creation of business intelligence systems and internet searches, VigiliAct can train your teams to information search and business intelligence. The target of our trainings is to allow you to appropriate inquiries approaches of tools and search engines but also to discover the new search approaches on the web and social networks.