Business Development

VigiliAct leads its business development actions in mainly working on two different lines:


  • Europe

Even if the European union doesn't often talk about it, it finances a lot of projects. A company's director, especially in VSB and small business, doesn't have time to give to these reports that are bulky and very time-consuming. That's why VigiliAct, strong both of its experience and its network in this field,  offers its customers to accompany them in the obtaining, the establishment of requirements to obtain a financing, and the writing of the reports and delivery of it.

Likewise, VigiliAct offers its customer to accompany them in the establishment of partners at European level, through qualified contacts search and support while taking contact. Europe, thanks to the project that it supports, is now an indisputable vehicle of growth for an organisation, whatever its type. VigiliAct can also takes charge of the creation of your project website. So, do not hesitate to contact us (contact[at], we will study together which financing or European Programme  could suit you.

Knowing that these services in European business development that we provides can be financed by a OSEO subsidy, why hesitating?

  • The establishment of Worker Cooperative and Social Enterprise organisations

At VigiliAct, we are convinced that organisations play a main part in the economic fabric of a territory. That's why we advise and support our customers in the establishment and creation of Worker Cooperative and Social Enterprise. We put them in contact with actors of Social Economy to favour the experience share and feedback.