Web Presence

Having an updated website is a primary issue that all organisations have to take into account but it becomes irrelevant if a regular monitoring on the visiting figures and relay on social networks is not carried out. In this article from 2010, the author give a good presentation of stakes related to web presence.

The company founder's experience in web search allow him to offers its customers SEO services to supply them with an action plan that improve and maximize their web presence. To complete this task successfully, we offers our customers:

  • Define and establish a collection and analysis strategy of visiting figures on your website.
  • Supplying of an action plan intended for improving the visibility and visiting figures of your website: Twitter, Facebook, Viadeo, Linkedin, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest, youtube etc.
  • Establishment detailed dashboards about your website and social networks activity on which we ensure your presence.

Web is huge but it exist well-tried approaches to enhance your structure, your information and your web presence. Contact us.